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Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Is Just $10 On Xbox

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin released earlier this year, so the current discount at GameStop is pretty wild. Right now, you can snag an Xbox copy of the game for only $10. Yes, only $10. Unsurprisingly, this is the best deal we’ve seen since launch. If you’ve been waiting to pick up the appropriately weird reimagining of the beginnings of the iconic Final Fantasy franchise, this is a great opportunity. We expect it to sell out quickly.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin takes place in the same world as the first Final Fantasy game and features a more methodical approach to combat than recent Final Fantasy action-RPGs. It earned a 7/10 in our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin review.

“Still, while it might be confusing and memey, disjointed and weird, Stranger of Paradise is also a lot of fun,” critic Phil Hornshaw wrote. “It’s full of cool combat with a wide variety of options, and a job system that lets you customize your playstyle or just try out what feels like 30 different ones. Its challenge makes every fight a battle of skill, while also giving you the tools to feel like a ludicrously powerful Final Fantasy badass. And despite being bizarrely delivered and wildly strange, there is a delight in uncovering what the hell is actually going on in the game’s story and the weird ideas it brings to bear on the Final Fantasy series.”

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