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Review Roundup For Sonic Frontiers

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3D Sonic games don’t usually have a good track record, but Sega is aiming to change that with the release of Sonic Frontiers. A bigger and more ambitious Sonic game in which the blue blur finds himself stuck on an island inhabited by dangerous mechanized threats, Sonic Frontiers reviews is out November 8, and reviews have gone live ahead of its launch.

So far, most reviews have painted a picture of a flawed but charming game that might just be the best 3D Sonic adventure in a very long time. “Sonic Frontiers marks a bold new direction for the series, meshing traditional Sonic action with an open-ended approach to progression and exploration across its semi-open world,” Richard Wakeling said in GameSpot’s Sonic Frontiers review.

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A number of reviews have praised the game for how it shakes up the standard Sonic formula, although the camera, controls, and a few annoying mid-level bosses have been criticized. The good news according to critics is that Sonic Frontiers runs closer to Sonic Adventure than it does the infamously terrible Sonic ’06, and as a template for what Sega can do in future games, it’s a solid step forward for the company’s iconic mascot.

For more reviews, you can check out GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic, where Sonic Frontiers currently has a metascore of 73 based on 45 reviews.

  • Game: Sonic Frontiers
  • Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Release Date: November 8
  • Price: $60

GameSpot – 7/10

“It certainly has its flaws and still maintains many of the familiar elements you’d expect to find in a game starring the eponymous hedgehog, but it’s in the differences where Sonic Frontiers stands out and occasionally excels, making it the best 3D Sonic game in more than a decade.” — Richard Wakeling [Full review]

VGC – 4/5

“It may have had a mixed reception earlier this year, but Sonic Frontiers’ final form is a brilliantly refreshing adventure that gives the series a much-needed shake-up. The occasional control and camera ‘quirks’ still pop their head up, but they appear far less frequently than Sonic fans will be used to, making for a much less frustrating experience overall. We would absolutely welcome more of this.” — Chris Scullion [Full review]

Game Informer – 7.7 / 10

“Though it’s rough around the edges, Sonic Frontiers is the best 3D Sonic game in years. This first attempt at the open-zone concept is an admirable effort, and I can’t wait to see how Sonic Team iterates on this formula in future entries, but it’s obvious this is not the formula’s final form. For now, Sonic Frontiers stands as a solid first foray into a brave new world for Sega’s speedy mascot.” — Brian Shea [Full review]

IGN – 7/10

“Sonic Frontiers is a delightfully weird and experimental evolution of the Sonic games so many of us grew up with. Its series of open-world islands are filled with so much variety and pieces of Sonic history, from classic platforming stages to silly minigames, that they’re enjoyable to explore even when awful graphical pop-in is a constant hedgehog spine in your side.” — Travis Northup [Full review]

Gaming Bible – 7/10

“Sonic Frontiers is the best 3D Sonic in a long, long time. It’s bigger, faster, smarter, and I absolutely cannot fault its ambition. Unfortunately, it’s constantly derailed by the exact same things that have been holding back Sonic games for the last few decades. With a little more polish, I truly believe Sonic Frontiers could have been one of the greats. As it stands, it’s a frequently good time with occasional flashes of brilliance. Will Sonic fans love it? Absolutely. But let’s be honest: we’ve been starving for years.” — Ewan Moore [Full review]

Inverse – 7/10

“In many ways, Sonic Frontiers feels like a concept for the future of the franchise rather than a fully realized experience in its own right. The game’s disparate elements often push and pull against each other, but there’s still a good time to be had, even amid that friction. I’m excited to see what Sonic Team can do with this formula if they hone it down and focus on what works.” — Hayes Madsen [Full review]

GamesRadar – 2/5

“Sonic Frontiers features the kind of lightweight yet engaging storytelling that should easily enrapture fans young and old – though I’d hate to be a child forced to play through some of the abysmal platforming featured throughout. Was taking Sonic open world an ambitious endeavor? Yes. Did it pay off? Absolutely not.” — Oscar Taylor-Kent [Full review]

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