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i☆Ris Voice Actress Idol Group Gets Anime Film in 2024 – News

i☆Ris the Movie -Full Energy!!- marks unit’s 10th anniversary

The “i☆Ris 10th Anniversary Live~a Live~” concert announced on Monday that the i☆Ris voice actress idol unit is inspiring an anime film. i☆Ris the Movie -Full Energy!!- will open in 2024.

iris art20221107.jpg

Like the concert, the film is part of the unit’s 10th anniversary celebration. Advance tickets for the film are exclusively available at the unit’s concert venue and the e-commerce site Major.

The unit also announced the nationwide “i☆Ris 8th Live Tour 2023″ which will visit Saitama’s Misato, Nagoya, Sapporo, Osaka, Sendai, Yokohama, Fukuoka, and Tokyo from April 22 to June 24.

i☆Ris consists of Saki Yamakita, Yū Serizawa, Himika Akaneya, Yūki Wakai, and Miyu Kubota. In addition to being musical performers, all members are also anime voice actresses. Azuki Shibuya left the group on March 31, 2021.

The group has performed theme songs for such anime as Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, Mushibugyō, Fantasista Stella, Hantsu x Trash, Twin Star Exorcists, Akiba’s Trip: The Animation, PriPara, Idol Time PriPara, Magical Girl Site, Wise Man’s Grandchild, and Magical Sempai.

The group previously inspired a webcomic tentatively titled Shūkan i☆Ris (“Weekly i☆Ris“) in 2016.

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