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Get 30 More Minutes of Sleep With This Game-Changing Wearable

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When more than 70 percent of business owners and self-employed people work past their bedtime, it’s safe to say that there’s a shortage of rest among today’s workforce. It makes sense. While the boom in remote working has given employees more personal freedoms, it’s also blurred the lines of your average workday, leaving many bosses needing to chase new leads and enforce productivity around the clock to keep up with competitors. However, without rest, humans aren’t good workers.

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Whether you’re trying to improve sleep, focus, and quality of life and work for yourself or your team, it’s worth looking into the best, non-invasive methods out there. Unfortunately, caffeine can only go so far, and resources like sleeping pills can bring their own set of problems. Instead, it’s worth considering something like the Apollo wearable, which uses touch therapy and soothing, silent vibrations to let your nervous system know when to relax, focus, and even sleep.

With an accompanying mobile application, an Apollo user can program different modes for different times of day and night. Each one is beneficial to business owners and entrepreneurs, with options for better focus, easier socialization, smooth winding down at the end of the day, and ultimately a full, deep night’s sleep. The results are unbelievable, the company says.

Across one real-world sleep study with more than 500 people trying out the Apollo wearable, the results showed a 19 percent average increase in deep sleep, and a 14 percent average increase in REM sleep. The Apollo wearable has also proven to improve users’ heart rate variability, resting heart rate, feelings of stress and anxiety, and even their physical recovery.

This has all added up to a happy user base, with the Apollo wearable earning 1,200+ perfect five-star reviews on its website. One recent review from a man named Robert reads, “I was dealing with intense periods of stress at work and I was having difficulty falling and staying asleep. I have been using the device daily for almost two months and I have noticed a marked improvement in both sleep as well as my ability to cope with stress at work.”

Upgrade your sleep and downgrade your stress. Check out Apollo’s wide range of colorways today.

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