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Front Mission Remake Gets New Trailer

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The beloved strategy game Front Mission is getting a remake for Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo has shown off some new footage in a gameplay trailer. Front Mission 1st: Remake, which comes out later this month, is a remake of the Square’s classic mech turn-based strategy game.

The trailer shows off the improved graphics and smooth animations of the remake. While it’s not the most visually-impressive game, it’s definitely a big improvement over the 1995 original. We heard at a Nintendo Direct earlier this year that this is only the first of many Front Mission remakes to come. The Front Mission 2 remake will come sometime in 2023, with a version of 3 coming at an unannounced later date.

While the original Front Mission came out worldwide, Front Mission 2 was released as a Japan exclusive back in 1997. As such, this remake will be the first time that it’s available to a global audience. The last proper Front Mission game was 5: Scars of the War, which came out only in Japan in 2005–an English fan patch exists, however. The spin-off stealth game Left Alive emerged in 2019 to largely negative reviews.

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