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ESR presents fast MagSafe chargers, kickstand power banks, and strong magnetic cases for iPhone 14

Advertorial by ESR: the opinions expressed in this story may not reflect the positions of PhoneArena! It’s deals season and no doubt most of us are about to end up with a shiny new smartphone — like, for example, an iPhone 14!

And it’s always best to make sure you have all the accessories you’d need to enhance your experience with your device and make full use of its functions — like MagSafe.

Well, ESR has you covered with a plethora of high-quality chargers, stands, cases, and batteries. Check these out:

HaloLock 3-in-1 wireless charger with CryoBoost

This stand does it all — it can top up your iPhone 14, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at once. Not only that, its CryoBoost feature will keep your iPhone cool while charging. This ensures that you the fastest MagSafe charging even if your phone is in use. Prop it up on the stand and continue binging that YouTube playlist while it stays cool. Or remain on a FaceTime call for that matter.You can stick the iPhone either horizontally or vertically, depending on the content displayed and it will charge just the same.

HaloLock wireless car charger with CryoBoost

The perfect companion to your iPhone for car rides — the CryoBoost technology keeps the device cool and ensures fast charging even if you have the screen on for navigation. The strong magnets are capable of holding 1,400 grams of weight. If you plan on using it with a case, it needs to be a MagSafe compatible one!

HaloLock magnetic kickstand power bank

For charge on the go, check out the ESR HaloLock kickstand power banks. They offer two ways to charge — either snap them to the back of the iPhone (1,000-g magnetic force) and charge wirelessly, or plug your iPhone in the side USB port to get fast charging.

With pass-through charging, you can top up both the bank and the phone at the same time. Added benefit — these have a kickstand integrated, so you can keep charging while watching your favorite show or during video calls.

HaloLock cases

The Krystec Clear case with HaloLock is simple and elegant on the outside, but hides years of development and innovation behind the curtain. It is a transparent case that is ultra yellow-resistant for absolute clarity. Its HaloLock array ensures 1,500-g holding force for external accessories, so you can use all of the MagSafe ecosystem.

The Classic Kickstand case also comes with the HaloLock branding for a strong magnetic hold. As the name suggests, it also comes with an integrated kickstand, which is a thin and durable zinc-alloy adjustable frame that pops out from the back.

Both cases offer reinforced corners and a raised lip around the screen and camera to ensure military-grade protection against nasty drops or random scuffs. The Classic Kickstand features a scratch-resistant acrylic back, while the thinner Krystec Clear is reinforced with a polymer bottom edge.

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