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‘Empowering them for the future’: Selling cookies is entrepreneurship for local Girl Scouts

BALTIMORE – If you are craving Thin Mints, Peanut Butter sandwiches or even Lemonades then you are in luck because Girl Scout cookies are back.

The young entrepreneurs are now ready to sell you their classic cookie flavors, for $5 per box.

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland troop leaders and Girl Scouts ran out of breath unloading thousands of cookies Friday afternoon.

Danita Terry, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Director of Communications, said the troops are not only putting in the physical labor, but they are gaining math, science and life skills.

“Empowering them for the future,” Terry said. “Helping them learn how to organize, how to tell their own story, how to manage money, how to set goals. That’s what it is all about.”

Jolie Best, Service Unit Manager #668, said last year her troop sold 7,000 cookies.

But she said seeing the young bosses at work is what entices her to come back every year.

“I love it,” Best said. “I think it builds that sense of belonging. It builds that sense of community.”

Eight-year-old Beatrice already has her pitch.

“Better buy it because then your child can get money so they can be an adult kid,” Beatrice said.

Cookie booths will be available until January 8.

If you can’t wait to devour these treats, find the closest cookie booth to you by typing your address in the cookie finder on the Girl Scouts website.

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