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India’s Train Crash: What We Know

A train crash in eastern India on Friday was the country’s worst rail disaster in two decades, killing more than 280 people and renewing questions about rail safety in a country that has invested heavily in the system — relied on by millions of people every day — in recent years after a long history…

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In a Contentious Lawmaking Season, Red States Got Redder and Blue Ones Bluer

America’s state capitals are as polarized as they have been in decades, with lawmakers imposing unflinchingly conservative or liberal agendas this year, even in politically diverse places. The 2022 election brought single-party control of the governor’s office and legislature to 39 states, the most in at least three decades. Many of the 22 Republican-led states…

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Italy floods: Emilia Romagna’s ‘once in a century’ deadly floods are linked to climate crisis, researchers say

CNN  —  Deadly floods that have engulfed the northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna, killing at least 14 people, are another sign of the accelerating climate crisis, according to researchers. The floods come after years of severe drought in the region, which has compacted the soil, reducing its ability to abemsorb rainfall. “Rising temperatures intensify…

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